Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Happy Wedding Wednesday !!!

We here at YOUR BIG DAY want all couples to have a stress free Wedding Day. We pride ourselves in making sure your day is planned to a T. For those brides are planning their wedding with a planner or on your own, here are some helpful tips to make sure its a unforgettable wedding.


Even if you are a gazillionare, you need to set a budget for your wedding. Once a budget is set, the next step is to determine how much you need to save to accommodate your wedding budget.  When planning a wedding its important to not go over your budget, as a wedding planner it is our job to make sure we put our clients needs and wants are met.  However, having a beautiful wedding does not mean you have to break your budget there are plenty of ways to splurge and save and get exactly what you want with out loosing track of your budget.  Bides must remain realistic and how your finances may be affected after you walk down the isle. Its important to know what are the most important items to have at your wedding and what you can do with out. We want to make sure every client is getting the most bang for your buck!!.


When picking your wedding vendors make sure it’s someone who you have great chemistry with, and will have no problem with executing your vision for your wedding. When dealing with wedding professionals (caterers, florists, photographer, etc.), You want to make sure that its clear exactly what you are expecting of them for your wedding. Make sure you give clear details and have everything in writing down to the very last detail. You don’t want to run the risk of not writing something down or it was only verbally discussed and come wedding day its not there. Clarify all the details and your expectations of the vendor during the initial consultation. Negotiate the best deal for all products and services, it’s your wedding so make sure you feel comfortable with the price your spending for the products or services you will be receiving. Most importantly, be sure to read the fine print on every contract before you sign it, ask what the cancellation policy just incase you change your mind or need to postpone your wedding.


Often times the bride is the one doing all the planning for the wedding and the groom is assigned a select few tasks. To make sure you are not over stressed with handling all the duties of planning the wedding. Make sure your groom is taking on the same load of planning as you are. Don’t make him feel like he is just paying to show up for the wedding. Let him take the lead give him a list of half the items that need to be planned and allow him to make decision yes, you will need to communicate with each other to make sure both of you are okay with the finial decision. Having the groom involved will make your wedding planning a lot easier. 


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