Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Man Thursday - Groom's Lounge

Welcome to "The Man" Thursdays here at Your Big Day.   We will be posting ideas specifically geared toward guys as it relates to all things wedding and events.  I hope you enjoy!

Yesterday we suggested to allow the groom to become more involved in the wedding planning.  Today, I wanted to take it a step further, Groom Lounge.  Yes that's right a space at the wedding that the groom allow a little piece of himself to shine through.  It may get a little lost sometimes in the pink decor the bride just had to have. 

So fellas this one is for you. A few elements you can use to hook - up your lounge.

The lounge doesn't have to be a huge space or in a separate room.  It can be as simple as  a small space on the inside of the ballroom, or if you have a patio or outside space.

Here are my top 3 favorite Groom's Lounge Elements:

Table Games - Why not rent some table top games like a pool table, Foosball.  It allows for a couple of players to interact at one time.  Allows the groom and his friends some time to chat it up a bit, while they can still focus on things going on around around.

Cigar Roller - Yes, there is something about a new beginning that makes guys want to whip out a cigar.  Wedding Day, Children's births, & Retirement all bring out the urge for a cigar in a man.  Why not create a space where they actually watch the artistry of the process. If you are having a spring/summer wedding it may be nice to place this outside if your ballroom has a patio connected to it.

Gaming Area - Do you like video games? You can ask your DJ if they have screens and gaming systems such as Wii that will allow you and you boys to get enjoy a little friendly virtual competition.  You might want to invite the ladies over for some fun. As well.

So Guys if you looking to put your stamp on Your Big Day.  Don't forget to carve out your own little groom area to let your hair down.


Happily Planning,

Your Big Day

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