Monday, April 4, 2011

Matrimony Monday - Little Things

Welcome to our new series Matrimony Monday! We will be providing weekly tips about how you can build and strengthen your relationship while planning your wedding. Engaged couples have plenty of resources that will show you great design, color palettes, and wedding day inspiration. These things are all wonderful tools and we love blogging about them.  We wanted to use Monday as a way to remind engaged couples why they are picking out the perfect dress, centerpiece, and ceremony music...Their LOVE for each other.

We know that you love your future spouse. You probably say it a million times per day. How about allowing your actions to speak for you too... It's the little things that count. Little acts of love and kindness go a long way. We have found 3 things you can do to help show some appreciation to the LOVE of your life.

1) Love Notes - Leave a nice love note in your sweetie's briefcase, laptop or lunch bag. Tell them how their presence in your life makes your day better even on the rough days.

2) Love Check-ups - Don't get so caught up with the planning that you forget to check - in with each other on a regular basis to TALK. Make sure you schedule time for a regular check – up with each other emotionally.  It can be daily, weekly, or monthly which ever fits your style.   Be sure to honor your scheduled time just like you would an important meeting with your manager. Use this time to discuss every thing from situations that may be bothering you to reinforcing how much you love each other.

3) Schedule Some Recreational Time - pick an activity that will help you create memories. Whether a cooking class, dance lessons, or ice skating or anything else you may like to do. Find an activity that allows you to work together, be a little competitive, and just have some fun.

These are just a couple tips that we hope you can us to strengthen your bond while planning your wedding. Don't forget these small actions can be easily transferred over to your married life as well.

Do you have any tips to add? We'd love to hear them?

Happily Planning!
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