Monday, April 18, 2011

Matrimony Mondays - Make It Work

Happy Matrimony Monday! We know that as engaged couples you spend a vast amount of time focused on planning the wedding day event, so we are using Mondays to provide you with relationship-focused tips to help you make it to the wedding day and stay strong in your marriage life. Contrary to the romance novels and fairy tales, once you get married it's not happily every after. For a marriage to last, it takes work. Today, we are arming you with some tools that if you start to implement now, will help to make life more blissful:

Flatter Me Daily

Compliments, no matter how small go a long way. Make it a mission to applaud your significant other on something specific they did on a daily basis. If you focus your energy on trying to figure out what they did right, you won’t have time to nitpick on all the little issues. Besides, tomorrow, not even the next second is promised. Make an effort to show your appreciation to those you love while they can still appreciate the gesture. Doling out daily and specific compliments may seem like something not easily maintained, but just take it one step at a time and remember:“
       Good habits, once established are just as hard to break as are bad habits." - Robert Puller 

Don’t Go To Bed Angry

Semi-Coherent Thoughts
Starting now make it a rule that whenever you have disagreements, you will not go to bed angry at each other - no matter what. Even if you don't argue, if either one of you feel disappointed or let down by your other half, hash it out; don’t let it fester. It’s never good to let things fester, it will only get worse and make things harder to be resolved. This may seem like it's unreasonable since some issues faced are too big to get resolved in just one day, but that's not what we are suggesting. Soon, you will be making the vow to be faithful partners to each other in good times and in bad. Marriage is in no terms an easy path; you will have really good times together and bad, tumultuous ones. When the going gets tough, you will have to constantly remind each other that you decided to go down this path, together, because you love each other. When you have your big arguments and don't see eye to eye, before you go to sleep make it an effort to say to each other, 'I'm not happy with you right now, I might still be unhappy with you when I wake up, but I married you because I love you enough to work through the bad times, together.' 

Have 'Me' Time 

Are we asking you to spend time apart? Yes! It doesn't hurt, once in awhile. Heard of the expression “absence makes the heart grow fonder”?  Well, it has some merit. Planning a wedding is a very stressful experience and allowing each other some time to focus on just yourselves can relieve some stress. You will also notice a decrease in bickering that usually comes from too much time together in stressful situations. Give each other some breathing space and focus on your individual hobbies - you won’t regret it.

Marriage is hard work. While preparing for your wedding day, don't forget to work on preparing for your life as a married couple. Marriage is not just the wedding day, it's the rest of your lives.

Happily Planning,

Your Big Day

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