Monday, April 11, 2011

Matrimony Monday

It’s Matrimony Monday! We are here to provide our weekly tips about how you can build and strengthen your relationship while planning your wedding. When it comes to planning a wedding it can be completely stressful for the bride and groom, sometimes you loose focus on whats most important and why your planning the wedding in the first place. During the wedding planning take some time to show each other why you choose each other for your happily ever after. Here are just a few ideas to go with.


What is a abetter way to remove some stress and tension?!? Plan a day for you and your love to be go relax at a spa together. Look into the couples treatments, this form of massage can offer a double dose of benefits. The tandem treatment invites couples to get a bit closer and reconnect, and it can enhance intimacy and teach each partner how to take care of the other. Plus, select spas allow lovebirds to get in sync by offering sessions that teach massage techniques. Pampering and rejuvenating facials, massages, and other treatments in a private day or a full day can make up a whole spa package for couples.

Dinner For TWO

Maybe you want to plan a intimate night at home, Try cooking dinner together get a bottle of wine light the candles and  make it a night to remember.  Create that world class restaurant experience right at home. What a great way to show that the romance has not gone away and  its still very much important to you.   Make it your business not to talk about the wedding while enjoying your dinner shut the cell phones off turn on some music or even put a movie in and just enjoy the night. 


Don’t Forget about your love check ups! Take some time to go for a walk in the park, on the beach, even if you just walk in your neighborhood. Don’t get so caught up with the planning that you forget to talk to each other and just take that time to download to each other your concerns. Make sure you  both are committed to scheduling that me time where you can just sit and talk to each other. Don’t put it off because you don’t have time.  Your always going to need that time to open up to each other emotionally even after you walk down that aisle. If you use this time to discuss situations that may be bothering you OR just to pay a compliment.  You will begin to position your marriage great communication methods to help you handle other issues that will arise even after your married.

Happily Planning!!!


Your Big Day

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