Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Man Thursdays - Groom Speech Success


Hey fellas! It's that time of the week, 'The Man Thursday,' where the focus is all on you - the groom to be. Today we are here to help you out with the always anticipated, sometimes dreaded groom speech at the wedding reception. The groom's speech can be a very entertaining and touching moment or it can be a pure disaster. Don't fret, we will be providing you with some tips that will help to make your upcoming speech an experience to be remembered - in a good way:

1. Keep it Short.
Make sure your speech does not exceed 5 minutes. Public speaking can be daunting for anyone. Your nerves can sometimes get the best of you and cause you to ramble on and on and on. We suggest that you come prepared. Like the saying goes 'practice makes perfect,' so try practicing your speech in front of the mirror or a trusted friend. Jotting down some major points on a notepad will be very helpful, as well. Remember, people have a short attention span, so keep your speech short and sweet.

2. Lighten up!
Your wedding day is supposed to be fun, so make sure to loosen up. If you have great timing and funny stories to share, why not try a humorous approach. Everyone loves to laugh and this will be a great way to share some details about you and your bride. So if you can pull it off, crack a joke or a few. Your guests will definitely enjoy it!

3. Flattery goes a long way
Who doesn't love to hear nice things said about them? Your groom's speech is the best time to say some complimentary things about your wife, in-laws, and other guests of honor. No need to overdo it, but a few simple words and even just a 'thank you' can do wonders. This is the perfect platform to show your gratitude to all whom you care for, so flatter away.

If you prepare yourself and make use of these tips, you will be well on your way to having a successful groom's speech. Most importantly, remember to Enjoy Yourself!

Happily Planning,

Your Big Day

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