Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Terrific Find Tuesday - Cold Stone Creamery in South Orange, NJ

So we were hired to plan a surprise party for our client's sister (such a great gesture).  We only have a month to plan so we have had to work overtime to make this day great.  Today, we went cake shopping.

We started out at a "traditional" bakery as directed by the venue.  Its a well know well respected place that does produced really great cakes( I even use them personally) after meeting with the cake designer and noticing that we would be coming in a little over budget, I recalled a tip that my client shared about the guest of honor, She liked a specific cake from Cold Stone Creamery.  So I went to check them out and ended up at the Cold Stone Creamy that what was closet to our office located at 3 Sloan Street  South Orange, NJ 07079, by the train station.

Well BOY was I in for a treat!  The staff  was super helpful in answering all my questions & proved me wrong in a good way all at the same time.  I went in kinda doubtful thinking I was only going to be able to get a square or round plain boring cake... WAS I ever re-educated.  Instead the staff brought out books and photos of a awesome looking cakes, I was amazed!!!! Tiers, heart shapes, and even wedding cakes.  Anything you can imagine from a standard bakery cake they can do it with Ice Cream from Cold Stone.  They even deliver!!!! 

I was able to choose a cake style & discuss a design  that I know the client will love, all at a price that will fit my clients budget with the Cake Designer. Yes, they have a professional cake designer on staff just for people like us!  Can you say over joyed?

Here is a sneak peak of the design idea we have.  I can't wait to show-off the real deal in a couple weeks.

All and all so far I have had a great experience with this Cold Stone Creamery.  I urge you to check them out the next time you are looking to have some cake and eat your ice cream too.

A Couple of tips before deciding that ice cream cake is for you:

1) Time of year - In the heat of summer ice cream cake for a more formal function wedding or outdoor function may not be so wise.  If you choose to go with ice cream make sure that the place you purchase is not really to far from your venue.  Know that you may not be able to fully display the cake at your event like you would a traditional cake.

2) Advanced Prep & Planning - Ensure that your venue can support the hosting of an ice cream cake BEFORE you order.  Make sure they will have the freezer capacity to keep the cake cold until shortly before served.

Other then that GO for it!

Cold Stone Creamery
3 Sloan Street
So. Orange, NJ 07079

Happy Planning,

Ingrid M. Williams

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