Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Picking the Right Venue for You

Location, Location, Location! For weddings, as in real estate, picking the location and venue for your big day is an important decision. Choosing the right venue can be the difference between having a great wedding experience and a not so memorable one. For this installment of  'Wedding Wednesday,' we will bring to your attention some things to consider that will be useful for picking the right venue for you!


First things first: Set your budget. As everyone knows, the budget is the be-all and end-all (well it should be) when it comes to selecting the venue for your wedding. The importance of setting your budget before looking for a wedding venue is that it makes it easier for you to not spend more than you have or are willing to on a venue. How can you estimate your budget if you have no idea how much it costs to hold your wedding at a venue? One word: Research. Do some research in the market of the area you want to have your wedding to get an idea of the cost and based on that determine the price range for your budget on the wedding location. How much you are willing and able to spend will play a determining role in what venue and area you can have you wedding ceremony. For instance, venues in metropolitan areas have a higher price point than those in small towns. Also, if you have been yearning to have your wedding in a posh hotel, know that it will be much more costly than at a church or social club. Another factor will be the 'when' of your wedding day event. Wedding ceremonies held during the weekday will be more budget friendly than those held during the weekend. The season . One of the most important takeaways is that you be realistic when it comes to establishing a budget. If you are, it will save you lots of stress down the line.

Know The Theme

When searching for a venue, it's great to have a wedding theme in mind. Knowing what type of affair you want to have whether it is vintage or fairy tale will help to narrow down and focus your search. If you are looking to have a movie-themed wedding a performance hall or theatre could be locations to consider that would also add a nice vintage touch. For modern brides that are into minimalism, art museums and galleries are perfect match. If you are going for the nautical feel, weddings held on a yacht especially around sunset is are a beautiful experience. And for those who want something more traditional and religious, a church,cathedral, or other place of worship would be perfect. With all the endless possibilities, having a theme in mind while help you to pick the location that will bring your ideas alive.

Size Does Matter

Knowing how many people you plan on having attend your wedding ceremony (or at least a rough estimate) is very very very important in determining what kind of venues you can choose from. If want to have a small number of guests at your wedding affair than it is best to choose a more intimate setting. On the other hand, if you end up having 300 guest attend, it would be quite inconvenient and a possible fire hazard if you chose a venue beforehand that can only hold 100 people. With that said, it's best to have at least a rough estimate of attendees before choosing a venue. Another detail to keep in mind that often is overlooked is parking. Choosing a venue that can accommodate the parking needs of guests will cut down on the headache and will also lead to happier guests.

When in search for the perfect venue for your big day, it is best to be prepared. We hope these tips will better equip you to tackle on this big task ahead of you.

Happily Planning,

Your Big Day

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