Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Please be Seated

Often times while planning people use the words escort cards and place cards interchangeably.  However, they serve two totally different purposes within your wedding or special event.   Take a few moments to discover what their differences . 

                                         (Preston Bailey)

Escort cards -  Most often set-up outside the main ballroom of an event and direct guests to their assigned table.  The escort card will list a guest's name and the number/name.  The cards are usually listed in alphabetical order most commonly by last name.  For more formal events  you would list the name with the respective titles (i.e. Mr. & Mrs. John Doe) for informal events you would list only the first names (i.e. John & Jane Doe).  The escort card is the most common option used at weddings and special events.


Place cards - Are set at each place setting to inform guest where they are to be seated(place) at the table.  The place card will have the name of each guest on it.  Titles used for a formal event (i.e. Mr. Doe). For more informal events no title  & last name isn't needed (i.e. John ) If there are two people with the same first name seated at the same table then the last name can be added.


So at your next event go the extra step and add escort and/or place cards to your decor. Its sure to make a lasting impression with your guests.


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