Friday, January 14, 2011

Food Trucks: Wedding Craze!?! or Just Crazy?

Food Truck: A new wedding trend that is catching some speed in 2011.
Whether it is used as a catering alternative during cocktail hour, the wedding after party, or even (gasp!) the main course, food trucks are popping up at weddings and special events. This may come as a surprise since food trucks used to conjure the image of greasy food and workers with questionable hygiene - not anymore. With the increasing popularity of The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network, gourmet food trucks are becoming more than just an LA thing.  People are starting to take notice and are incorporating them in a big way on their big day.
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For those looking for something different and unique at their weddings, using food trucks to cater their event is an option to consider (seriously). They offer a wide range of food choices from tacos, escargot, waffles, gourmet ice cream, cupcakes — the hardest part may be narrowing down your options. With food trucks, you can go for casual food options are something more upscale. The concept is quirky and fun. This tasty novelty can be a great talking piece and makes for an interesting photo op.

Jihan Abdalla Photography via Wedding Chicks

The idea of using food trucks at weddings or any special event could seem a little bit too off kilter for most. In fact, as interesting as the concept sounds on paper, it may not be a practical choice for every wedding or event. Even if you don't think food trucks will work for your big day, you have to admit, they sure look like a lot a fun!

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