Monday, January 10, 2011

New Take on Wedding Guest Books

Capturing moments allow us to treasure memories for a lifetime.....

You spend months planning every last detail of your wedding, making sure that your big day will be a great memory treasured by all who attend. However, when your wedding day finally arrives, everything happens so quickly, almost as if it's a dream.  As much as you want to have every detail of your wedding day branded into your mind, over time even the most precious moments can began just a blur. Besides, on your wedding day, you will be so busy focusing on each other that you may forget certain details like all the well wishes from your guests.

To help avoid that, newlywed couples usually incorporate a wedding guest book. Traditionally, guests leave a nice little note and their signature for the married couple in a nicely designed guest book. Booooring. Tradition is nice and all, but how about trying a more modern and unique approach that will stand out and make for a much more fun experience for you and your guests.

Take a Picture, It'll last longer

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words." Just imagine how much more of an impact your guest book can have, in years to come, if you add pictures. Polaroid guest books are becoming an ever increasing trend at weddings because of their ability to capture more than just faces but the emotions in that moment. And when you go through your guest book thirty years from now, it'll take away the guess work of trying to visualize who wished you "a lifetime of great memories together." Polaroid guest books are a great way of involving guests in capturing spontaneous and candid memories for the bride and groom. And they're quick and easy to use.

Captured E-Motion

Who doesn't love photo booths. Well, there is a new and popular trend at weddings with an interesting take on the photo booth idea: Video Booths. Think video confessionals - reality TV style! Video Booths are a fun way for your guests to leave spontaneous, fun, and personal video messages. This is a creative alternative to the traditional guest book that will be as fun to watch as it was for your guests to make. And for those of you who love to share your every moment with the webiverse, you can easily upload your guest book online via the social media platform of your choosing.

Writing on the Quilt

For those looking to immortalize their big day and also pass down the memory from generation to generation, the quilted version of a guest book is the way to go. All you need are permanent markers and fabric squares to create a uniquely personalize "guest book." Guests will definitely feel like they are sharing a big part of your history, knowing their words will be woven together to create a touching memento: the wedding quilt.

For your upcoming nuptials, take a more personalized and fun approach to capture memories from your big day.

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