Monday, October 25, 2010

I think I love my bridesmaids

I watch some bridezilla episodes and cringe at how the brides often turn their bridesmaids into verbal punching bags. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming to a bride. Here are a couple of tips that can help you & your bridesmaids have a positive, stress -free planning experience.

1) Make sure that you're selecting bridesmaids that are supportive - Select friends and families that are supportive of your relationship and who will love and support you not only through the planning process but through your marriage.

2) Create a task sheet for each bridesmaids - Since you know your friends best make sure you assign them task that highlight their strengths.

3) Schedule regular meetings with your bridesmaids - You can set the frequency of meeting depending on how much planning time you have. For example if you have 1 year to plan you may want to schedule meeting every 3 months, with more frequent meeting as the wedding date gets closer.

4) Create a bridesmaids newsletter - include information about their dresses, shoes, hair styles. As well as information about the wedding location, time, & day of time lines. You can also include small details like where you are honeymooning and information about the wedding professionals that you have hired.

5) Be kind to your Bridesmaids - Don't take your wedding stress out on your bridesmaids. Remember they have feelings too. Everyone wants to feel respected and valued including your bridesmaids.


1) Be committed - If you have agreed to be a bridesmaid, you are making a pledge to the bride that you will be committed to her big day. That commitment extends further then just putting on a dress on wedding day. We know that you have responsibilities outside of "the wedding" but once you agree to participate in the bride's big day. Be prepared to commit yourself when called upon.

2) Be Honest - If you cannot commit fully to the wedding and all that comes with it. Inform your bride upon her asking. Let her know of anything that may hinder your full commitment to her big day so that she can plan accordingly.

3) Check- in on your bride - Try to reach out to the bride via phone, text, or e-mail at least once every two weeks. It allows the bride to know that you are thinking about her. Giving her a sense that she is not alone during the hectic planning time. Allowing the bride to be more relaxed.
4) Have a good attitude - When asked to participate or assist with a task check your attitude. It may not be your favorite task, but remember the bride is asking because she needs help. Make sure you give your attitude an adjustment so that you don't bring any added stress to the situation.
The most important thing for both the bride and bridesmaids to remember is to have fun! Enjoy!

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