Monday, October 18, 2010

Green Your Wedding Day

One of the biggest milestones for a couple: Your wedding day! This is the day to show to everyone your love and ultimate commitment to each other. It is also a great opportunity to show your passion for the environment. So why not incorporate something important to you, like taking care of our environment, into your big day. For those who are passionate about the environment or even just interested in minimizing their carbon footprint, here are a few ways to make your wedding day green and fabulous.

Eco Invites

So you're engaged! Yaaay! The date has been set. Check. Now, it's time to start sending out the invites. For those looking to be environment friendly on your wedding day, your invitations are the perfect place to set the tone for your 'green' nuptials.

Electronic Invitations (Evites)
To cut down on the use of paper and reduce waste and energy, many engaged couples are making their big announcements electronically. This being the digital generation, it is not a surprise that many couples are leaning to this growing trend. With sites like and, you can have personalized electronic wedding invitations that are sure to rival traditional invitations. If the idea of reducing your paper consumption doesn't tempt you, think of how much you will save on printing and postage. You should also look into having a wedding site to keep your guests updated. Click here to create your wedding website.

Eco Paper Invites

For those who prefer sending out invitations the traditional way, yet still want to do their part to help the environment, invitations on recycled paper are the way to go. You will have a variety of options to still get "your green on", from seed-embedded handcrafted sheets, reclaimed cotton, bamboo, 100% recycled premium stock, and others. You can also use vegetable or soy ink for your print, to make your invites recyclable.

Green Favors

Wedding favors can be a great way of showing your personality and giving back to your guests and the environment. More and more couples are giving out favors that are not wasteful or harmful to the environment. Couples can reduce their carbon footprint by doing something as simple as getting favors from local vendors.

An alternative wedding favor that is also eco-friendly is having your escort card also servce as a plantable favor. Have your guests plant these favors in memory of your wedding that will also help the environment. Also, with this is breast cancer awareness month, we found a timely favor: Kate Aspen's In Favor of Cure. You can give your guests pink ribbon plantable favors. Kate Aspen donates 10% of proceeds from this favor to women’s breast cancer and health-focused charities.

(Please visit our website to purchase any of the above favors.)

Green Up Your Dress

Yes, you can go green on your wedding day right down to your special dress. The most obvious choice is to re-use a gown. Your choices range from buying vintage, renting, or wearing your mother's dress. Not only are these eco-friendly options but will not be as straining on your pocket. A great option is Brides Against Breast Cancer where you can purchase sample and donated gowns at a discounted price. Bride Against Breast Cancer donates the proceeds to help women with breast cancer. You can get the dress of your dreams and be environmentally friendly, all while helping to make strides in the fight against breast cancer! After your wedding, you could also donate your dress to this organization.

And if having a new dress is a must for you, consider eco-friendly fabrics such as linen, hemp, organic cotton, and silk.

Going green doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality on your big day. If you decide to be eco-friendly on your wedding day, it will be more like a celebration of your life, love, and passion for each other and the environment. This will be sure to have your day remembered on a larger scale.

So will you add a little 'green' into your big day?

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