Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Funky Bridal Shoes

Are you a rebel determined to go against the wedded masses? Looking for a way to add some 'uniquely you' personality to your wedding attire? How about ditching the traditional ivory footwear for something a bit more funky. Lately, brides have been taking the non traditional bridal shoe route and instead strutting up the aisle in footwear that are sure to turn heads (more than once). So if you want to add fun to your bridal outfit and get some standout pictures, check out some of these ideas to help get you started:

Accented Shoes
If your aim is to create a bold contrast with your bridal gown, go with bold and vivid colors that are sure to pop out. Who says you can't go with your beloved red pumps or lime green sandals? There's nothing wrong with having a splash of color peeping out from under that gorgeous gown of yours.

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Sneak It In
You were never the type to wear heels; you always were more of a Chuck Taylor Converses or Vans kind of girl. So why subject your feet to discomfort and begrudgingly put on some pumps for IS your wedding after all. No one even needs to know if you have them on - it's up to you. And if you do show them off, they are sure to make for some fun pics.

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Comfort is Key
We have seen many beach weddings where the bridal footwear of choice are flip-flops. It's no secret that brides everywhere have been substituting their shoes for flip-flops halfway through the wedding affair - standing in those gorgeously painful shoes all day is unreasonable. Recently, brides are choosing to rock flip-flops right off the bat. So if the weather is right and you're the queen of comfort, this trend is definitely the way to go!

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Remember, the most important part of picking out the perfect wedding shoe is that the it represents you!

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