Monday, August 9, 2010

Dress Styles for your Trendy Bridesmaids

Usually picking out dresses for your bridesmaids is seen as one of the smaller details to be dealt with throughout the wedding process (especially in comparison to the bride's wedding dress). When picking out one's wedding dress, a bride-to-be puts a lot of thought and time into figuring out what wedding dress is sure to both blow everyone away and bring awe to her groom. She may either go for the modern look, a vintage dress with a modern appeal, or something uniquely her.

While you brides-to-be are deciding on what to wear on your special day, don't leave your bridesmaids looking out dated. Long gone are the days of the cringe-worthy frumpy and puffy-sleeved bridesmaid attire. Now bridesmaids are walking up the aisle looking as fabulous and glamorous as they truly are. Here are some trends from the Spring 2011 Bridal Fashion Week that will inspire you to find great looks for your bridesmaids:

Same Color, Different Styles
This recent trend takes into account that your bridesmaids' bodies are as unique as they are. It's all about accentuating each bridesmaids' figure. Instead of sticking to the "one dress fits all" idea, this trend is going in the direction of bridesmaids wearing the same color or varying shades of one color, but dressed in different shapes and lengths that fit their unique styles and shapes. Having your bridesmaids styled differently but within the same hue allows for some uniformity while playing up individuality.

Jasmine, Twobirds, Jim Hjelm
(Photo Credit: Jasmine, Twobirds, Jim Hjelm)

Bows, bows, bows
The bow detail is still in vogue for next spring as can be seen on the runways. This detail is sure to make your bridesmaids ever present in your guests minds.

Alfred Angelo, Alfred Angelo, Melissa Sweet
(Photo Credit: Conde Nast Digital Studio, Melissa Sweet)

Corsage Detail
The new statement piece is just that: a statement. Corsage details were seen throughout the spring 2011 bridal fashion week- be it over-sized or subtle. For simple dresses, bigger is better. This detail can be seen placed anywhere from aside at the waist to attached at the shoulder.

Priscilla of Boston, Alfred Angelo, 57 Grand
(Photo Credit: Conde Nast Digital Studio, 57 Grand)

Asymmetry is still in for Spring 2011. whether it is through one shoulder dresses or elaborate draping across the bodice of the dress. This trend is sure to catch the attention of your wedding guests. If you are looking for something fresh and stylish, this is something you should consider incorporating.

Priscilla of Boston Priscilla of Boston, Alfred Angelo, Thread
(Photo Credit: Conde Nast Digital Studio)

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