Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Add Family

Blended families are becoming more common. The Bride, the Groom, or both maybe entering into their new lives together along with their children. The wedding day then takes on the added value of three or more becoming one (Bride, Groom, & children).

Here are a couple of ways that you can celebrate the new family unit on Your Big Day:

1) Family Medallion - The family medallion is a symbol of three interlinked circles that represents the love of the couple that incorporates the child(ren). The medallions come in different jewelry styles including pendants, lapel pins, rings, charm & bracelets, and watch & key chains. Each jewelry order comes with a free ceremony guide. The jewelry can be given as a special gift in private or you can incorporate the gift giving into the wedding ceremony. Typically, after the couple has been pronounced husband & wife the medallion ceremony will take place. The ceremony includes the presentation of the selected jewelry and a parents pledge of continued love to the child(ren). For more information visit

2) Children Participating in the Wedding Party - The most common incorporation of children into the day is including them in the wedding party or within the ceremony as scripture or poem readers. Wedding party or ceremony participation selection should be age appropriate for the child(ren). The child(ren) should also feel comfortable with their role and participation should not be forced. The couple should formally ask the child(ren) to participate in a special way kind of like a second proposal.

3) Create a family logo or symbol - In the days of custom wedding monograms and logos the family can design a monogram, logo, or symbol that will be used throughout the wedding day on items such as invitations, programs, menu cards, favors, and any other special touches that personalize your day.

The most important detail of incorporating children into the day is to ensure that everyone feels special and loved during the process. However, you decided to celebrate the union just remember everything grows with love.

Happily Planning,

Ingrid M. Williams & Joycelyn T. Williams
Event Createurs

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