Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Raising the Bar

In today's economic climate we know that couples are looking for ways to keep spending cost down. With food & drink being roughly 50% of the wedding budget, some couples are looking into ways to save in this area. Many have turned to cash bar or are thinking of having a Cash Bar on their big day.

I wanted to share a few reasons why when it comes to your wedding day "Cash Bar" is not king, if you are deciding to provide alcohol at your wedding.

Your wedding day is the largest party you and your husband will host as a married couple. Keep in mind that some people have paid travel expense to join you at your wedding, most local guest may have purchased attire to adhere to the dress code on your invitation, and mostly everyone in the room has brought you a gift to celebrate your new union. Preparation cost to attend your wedding can actually exceed the cost you are paying person for invited guest. As a couple you have extended an invitation for others to join in the happiness of your big day and guest should not be required to pay for a meal or a drink.

Here are 3 alternatives to a cash bar for your consideration.

1) Limited 'Open Bar' hours - you bar doesn't need to stay open for the full amount of hours that you have of your wedding. Maybe you have open bar for the 3 hours which is way less expensive then a full 5 hour open bar.

2) Limit Bar Options - Offer Beer, Wine, Soda only.

3) Create a Signature Drink - Work with your venue to create a signature drink that is available for guest all night. The venue will be only need the ingredients for your signature drink saving both you and the venue money.

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